"Its all about being brilliant with the basics"

Tommy Heffernan

With calf heath its important to get the basics right. Ultimately your calves are the future of your farm so we want to try and maximize their potential from the outset. A sick calf will struggle to grow, take up time and cost you money so its always better to focus on prevention rather than a cure.

Section 1

Cow health

Ultimately your cow needs to be in good shape to ensure an easy calving, good quality colostrum and a smooth transition back to the milking herd. Throughout this section you will cover some of the key metrics, targets you should aim for and how to reduce pressure points coming up to and after calving.

Section 2

Living Conditions

Now that your calf is on the ground its important to make sure the calf stays healthy. Through this section we look at our housing, hygiene and new calf concepts to ensure your calves will get the best start they can.

Section 3

Illness and Treatment

When a calf does get sick it is important to know what to look for so we can come up with the best form of treatment to tackle the issue. In section 3 we will cover how to diagnose a sick calf including using a scour testing kit, some treatment protocols and a comprehensive overview of pneumonia and calf scour.